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The hose fitting shown above is for installing the LS1, LS2, or LT1 steam vent tube into the upper radiator hose. The upper fitting (petcock valve) allows bleeding air out of the cooling system. It uses a standard 1/8 npt fitting. The hose fitting for LS1 engines is normally 5/16" on early LS1 engines, but later engines (LS2) use a 1/4" fitting.

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Motion Raceworks V2 LS Flex Line Coolant Crossover Steam

Motion Raceworks all new V2 Flex Line steam kit is the solution to your LS1 coolant crossover/steam kit issues facing stock and aftermarket low profile plastic intake manifolds. Many aftermarket intakes and some stock intakes do not have clearance under the intake to run a proper steam kit coolant crossover setup. We have proven this kit for

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Jan 15, 2019· So, typically an "LS swap" radiator will have the upper inlet moved from the driver''s side to the passenger side. Also, LS engines have steam lines that serve to vent pockets of hot air that may form at the top of the engine. So, another trait of an LS radiator is that it will have a port near the upper hose for the steam line.


Parts you will need: - 1x 2001+ LS1/LS6 intake - 1x 2001+ front coolant pipe - #12568478 - 2x 2001+ rear coolant plugs - #12562788 (Note, you can use a 2nd coolant pipe in place of these plugs if …

ICT Billet 551694H LS Coolant Steam Port Crossover Hose

A step by step guide for installing an ICTBillet 551694H Steam Port Crossover Kit

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Saab 9-3, Aero, aluminum replacement hose tee, which typically uses a 1-1/4" x 1/2" hose tee.. Porsche Cayenne Turbo aluminum replacement hose tee, which typically uses the 3/4" x 3/4" and a 1" x 5//8" hose tee.. Our Corvette LT1 aluminum replacement tee is shown in the middle of the photograph below:. The lower tee is the stock steel tee used on the 1992-1996 Corvettes, which is no longer

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Hello, I just changed the coolant on my 2002 5.3 and I am a little perplexed on how the thermostat works on the LS engine. I am very familiar with the orig. small block chevy cooling system but I find it odd that on the 5.3 LM1 the thermostat is on lower radiator hose (cool side?) where on the orig. small block the thermostat is on upper hose (hot side).

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Feb 27, 2017· Hose Bolt 27Y 20lbft A/C Drive Belt Idler Pulley Bolt 50Y 37lbft A/C Drive Belt Tensioner Bolt 25Y 18lbft Air Injection Reaction (AIR) Pipe-to-Exhaust Manifold Bolts 20Y 15lbft AIR Right Side Pipe Bracket-to-Cylinder Head Bolt 20Y 15lbft Automatic Transmission Fluid Cooler Line Clamp Bolt – …

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Nov 10, 2012· Pic 5: Coolant bleeder hose (steam vents), run to coolant surge tank, or many other options here. Pic 6: Coolant bleeder hose from steam vent, all good if you want to run through t/b like stock, most ppl just run line right from the vents to a surge tank or to the upper radiator hose…

Video: How to Install Custom LS Steam Lines

Dec 23, 2014· In this Trick Flow TV video, you watch as a custom LS Steam Line Kit is installed on a Gen III LS Engine with an aftermarket intake manifold set up for carburetion. What makes these kits really nice is that they include enough fittings and -4 AN line to run the lines multiple ways.

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Feb 12, 2018· Rated 5 out of 5 by Shortwide 84 from Exactly what I needed Bought this to connect the steam pipe for ls1 to the upper radiator hose in my chevy truck. You have to remove draincock and replace with a hose barb. It looks perfect and works even better. If you don''t have a radiator designed for an LS steam pipe, you need this.

Coolant Crossover Steam Vent Kit - LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7

ls1 Steam Vent Kit Black n Gold Series. Our Steam Vent System connects the 4 corners of your LS engine to remove trapped steam and get it where it needs to go. Steam / Built Up Pressure creates elevated temperatures. The LS engine has 4 corners for a reason and we suggest connecting them on ALL modified engines using whatever means are possible.

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Mar 18, 2010· Another unique feature on the LS engine is a steam vent which purges air from the engine and feeds the throttle body with coolant which must be connected into the cooling system. Be Cool designed a plug for this requirement into their LS radiators. Be Cool’s line of LS radiators also offer interchangeable hose outlets on the radiator for the


For coolant, the solutions are nearly as easy. Typically, the radiator hoses are done with stock “truck” upper and lower hoses. Anything along the lines of a 2002 Silverado will work for both upper and lower hoses. For the heater hoses, regular 5/8” and 3/4″ heater hose just as the C10 originally had.

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LS Steam Tube Kit w/ Stainless Steel Hard Line Tubing. Earl''s hard line steam tube kit is designed to eliminate trapped air and steam from your engine to prevent hot spots & overheating. Easy bolt-on installation when used with Earl''s pivoting steam vent adapters - part # LS9807ERL (2 sets required).

LS Swap Guide – LS1 Swap by LSX Innovations

LS Swap Guide by LSX Innovations INTRODUCTION. This guide will assist you in making a seamless LS engine swap. Since every LS engine swap is a little different and there are lot of choices to be made, you can use this guide as a reference for ideas and part nuers as you move through the process.

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In this writeup, I''ll show you what all is needed to convert your LS1 over to the new LS6 style PCV setup. We will do this all for about $65 in parts (or $120+ if you buy the LS6 pcv hose rather than constructing one yourself as I show below). NOTE: You must have the 2001+ style coolant vent tube as well for the LS6 valley cover to fit!

1010005 Motion Raceworks LS Stainless Coolant Crossover

Our Stainless Steel Steam Vent System connects the 4 corners of your LS engine to remove trapped steam and get it where it needs to go. Steam / Built Up Pressure creates elevated temperatures. The LS engine has 4 corners for a reason and we suggest connecting them on ALL modified engines using whatever means are possible.

Earls LS9806ERL LS Steam Vent Adapters, -4 AN x -4 AN

Another first from Earls are the adjustable LS steam tube adapters. The original GM brazed vent tube manifold does not take into consideration the aftermarket intakes and accessories we put on our performance vehicles. Replace the rigid hard lines with these adjustable outlet, O-ring seal adapters that converts to -3 or -4 AN pluing. Earl’s Steam tube adapters are the most adjustable and

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LS Billet Aluminum Valve Cover Set -12orb PCV - LS1 LS2 LSX LS7 LS3 ICT Billet SKU : 551713 $399.99 Engine Safe Stand Adapter Plate Chevy LS1 Duramax BBC SBC LS Heavy Duty Support SKU : …


LS Vent Adapters Price Qty; LS9807ERL-3: Single Out (One Pair) LS Vent Adapter: $42.38. Add: LS9808ERL-3: Dual Out (One Pair) LS Vent Adapter fuel filters, Aeroquip Air Conditioning Hoses, check valves, oil filters, oil block adapters, Earls oil coolers, Setrab oil coolers, gauge adapters, Turbo line kits, brake lines, brake hoses, Huge

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WTD: LS OE Steam vent pipes- 4 ports 07-06-16, 09:58 AM. Want to convert my L92 heads to 4 ports and the OE pipes looks like the best option. to that my intake won''t allow the style above so I think I will just use a second front pipe on the back and run a hose to the header tank. Fairly sure most LS ones will fit onto my L92 heads. I